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The Mazari tribe (Balochi: مزاری ) is one of the oldest Baloch tribes in Pakistan. Mazari means "lion" in Balochi. Rojhan-Mazari, a town in theRajanpur District of the Punjab near the inter-provincial borders of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab, is the stronghold of the Mazari tribe.

Total population
about 300,000/-
Regions with significant populations

Balochi, Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi


Islam, Sunni, Shia

Related ethnic groups

Baloch tribes



The Mazari tribe is one of the oldest tribes of the Baloch. They are known for their bravery.The Old Balochi Tales describes this tribe at various places. According to historians like Firdousi, Mr. Long worth Dames and Dr. Bello's. A.W hughes Mazari's also migrated from Iran with other 44 tribes. From Kahan Bhambore hills they came in the plains of Sulaiman ranges at the invitation of Nahar rulers. The Mazari Chief holds the title of Mir and also goes by the styles Tumandar and Sardar.Mir Balakh Sher Khan Mazari is the current Paramount Chief and Tumandar of the Mazari tribe.Sherbaz Khan Mazari who is his younger brother gained prominance as a national political leader.

The Mazari Chief's family is known as Balachani. They are the direct descendants of Mir Jalal Khan, the last Chief of the entire Baloch nation and the King of Kech and Makran, through his eldest son Hoth and grandson Mir Sahak Khan, the first chief of the Mazari tribe.

The Mazari tribe commands a great deal of respect amongst the Baloch community of Pakistan as well as other ethnic groups of the region such as Sindhis and Pushtuns. There is a great deal of dignity and respect for women in this tribe.

The Mazari tribe gained control of all the area after coming to these plains and narrow belt of trans-indus area. They continously Defeated Nahar's, machi's, chandia's, Bugti's, and fought many balanced war's (sometime won some time lost) with rising power of Sikhs In punjab. For Mazari's terbulance Behaviour The Great Maharaja Ranjeet singh send his Son kanwar kharak singh and famous Italian general "Vinttora" to Crush the threat of Mazari tribe Power.

[edit]Main towns and villages

Other major cities of Tuman Mazari in Rojhan Tehsil include Miranpur, UmerKot, Shahwali, Karimabad, Badli Mazari, Kin, Kot Kehwali, Kashmor, Guddu, Sonmiani, Razi Kucha, Dera Dildar, Nabi Shah,Kot Karam Khan and Bungla Iccha. One can say that the Mazari state owned by Nawab Sir Imam Baksh Mazari (K.C.I.E) totalled more than 15 lacs acres with 10 lac acres cultivatable and the other 5 lac acres of mountainous terrains full of minerals. It can also be concluded that the Mazari tribe was one of the biggest land owners of Pakistan.

[edit]Main clans

The Mazari tribe consists of 4 large sub-clans and 60 small sub-tribes. These include: Balachani (chief clan), Essiani, Sahakani, Selathani, Gahlani, Sodvani, Gandi, Sargani, Zimkhani, Sanjrani, Banu, Lolai, Gulrani, Dulani, Miroi, Masidani,harvani, Sendhani, Saheja, Nazahni, Jorkhani, Danwani, Lathani, Chongli, Kheerd (Kurd), Umrani and Bangiyani.


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